Why You Should Try The Social Portal of Sprout Social in Spain

By SANDRA KIRKMAN and BRADY GRANTWORTHAUSEN, ESPN StaffSpanish football fans will soon be able to watch the games from the comfort of their living rooms.

Sprout Social will become a social portal on Spanish television and a social network in the coming months, following the success of the app Sprout for Android.

The new service, which is based in Barcelona and will launch later this year, will be able connect fans with their local teams via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The service is powered by a unique social design and allows fans to “tag” their friends in the game and get a sneak peek at upcoming matches.

The app will offer live scores and replays from the teams, with information about upcoming matches being available on the app and on the team page.

“The fans who love the sport of football are the ones who want to see the best of their club,” said Manuel Villalobos, Sprout’s head of communications.

“The social portal will be a great place to connect with your friends and watch all of your favorite games.”

It was not immediately clear when the app would be available to watch in Spain.