‘It’s time for a reset’: ‘I want to go back to school’

On March 2, 2017, the Senate confirmed Senator Jeff Sessions to be President Donald Trump’s Attorney General.

Sessions is a staunch segregationist who voted to remove federal protections for transgender students and who has defended the KKK and neo-Nazis in the past.

During his confirmation hearing, Sessions said that he would “strongly oppose any effort to amend the Constitution to prohibit marriage equality” and said that it was “not in the national interest to do so.”

He said that “it is in the interest of all Americans to ensure that we do not have to accept marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

Sessions’ confirmation was greeted with outrage across the nation, with many questioning whether he is fit to serve as President and the Supreme Court to hear his appeal.

Sessions was also the recipient of a number of racist tweets, including one in which he said, “When a man has his penis, you can take his balls.”

While Sessions has not officially withdrawn from the race for President, his comments in his confirmation hearings are not an isolated incident.

In March 2018, a video surfaced in which Sessions admitted to making “unmistakable racist statements” in his time as a federal prosecutor.

The senator also said in the video that he did not know “anyone from [a] black community.”

Sessions has since apologized for his comments, but said that they were “a mistake” and that he is “not a racist.”

His confirmation was also criticized by former Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, who said that Sessions should be “retired from the Senate.”

In a statement on Monday, Harkin said that while he did agree with Sessions’ nomination, “I do not believe his nomination is a perfect one.

In particular, I do not support a nominee who has been involved in the investigation of Hillary Clinton, including her handling of classified information and her involvement in the 2016 presidential election.”

Trump has also been criticized for his response to the Charlottesville, Virginia, riots, with the President saying that it is “good” that President Jefferson Davis was killed in the conflict and not the Confederacy.

He added that it’s “good that they didn’t have that civil war,” but added that he “had better respect the people.”

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