A Facebook group for people to share tips on social engineering

A Facebook social networking group for social engineers and cyber criminals is opening up.

In an effort to combat the rise of cyber criminals, the group has set up an account on the website Facebook.com/SeburidadSocialEngineer, and it’s looking for people who want to help.

It has already been used to share the following tips, as well as advice on how to better deal with cyber criminals.

The account is open for about three months.

The group’s owner, Jose Manuel García, says the aim is to get information about the problem and to educate people about it.

“This is a forum for us to share our experience, our findings, and our knowledge so that we can share our knowledge,” he said.

The Facebook group is not a place for cyber criminals to share their exploits, and the community members are welcome to share any tips they have learned.

Mr García says the group is also intended for people of any level of experience.

“I believe it will be a place to learn about the process and to help, for everyone.”

We want to give information to people who can help us in our work, so we can provide a place where they can be safe, where they don’t feel afraid,” he added.

He said he had received hundreds of messages from people who have been affected by the cyber crime epidemic.”

It’s a really good group to have.

They are all very passionate, they are very well-informed,” he told News.


They are doing their best.

There are so many different things we can learn from them, so I’m very grateful to them.

“Mr Garc Garcia says his group is in the process of building a Facebook page that will provide useful links to information on various topics.”

In a few days, I’m going to put it up and people will be able to look at it, and I hope to get a few more of them.

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