Which stocks should you buy now?

The world has a big stock market, but most people don’t know which stocks to buy, or what to do with their money if they do.

As we head into the holiday shopping season, let’s take a look at five stocks to consider.1.

Amazon: Investors can bet that Amazon will do well in 2017, and if it does well it could help fuel a stock rally.

Amazon is the largest retailer of Amazon-branded products in the world.

The company has grown to become one of the world’s largest companies.

In the first quarter, Amazon’s stock jumped 9% to $9.19 per share.

That was up from a market-wide average of $7.50 per share in the first three months of 2017.2.

Facebook: Investors are betting that Facebook will see another strong quarter in 2017.

Analysts expect the company to post another strong year, and they are projecting a $5.4 billion fourth-quarter profit.

That’s down from a $6.4 million profit in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Facebook has seen record growth in both its user base and advertising revenue, which helped the company beat analysts’ estimates for the year.3.

Uber: Investors think Uber will post a strong fourth quarter, as it continues to expand its business, including expanding its taxi service.

Uber is valued at more than $50 billion, which makes it one of its biggest businesses.

Uber’s operating profit in 2017 was $4.2 billion, up from $3.4 bn in 2016.

The growth has come despite Uber’s recent struggles, which has included a loss of more than 1,000 jobs in the US and a global labor dispute.4.

Amazon, Facebook, and Uber: The top five companies have a combined market capitalization of $1.35 trillion.

That makes them the biggest companies in the country.

Amazon owns 50% of Amazon.com, Facebook owns 45%, and Uber owns 12%.5.

Netflix: Netflix’s market cap is $4 billion, but investors are expecting it to grow significantly over the next few years.

Analytically, Netflix’s stock is a mixed bag.

Its revenue has been weak for years, but it has seen its stock price rise in the last year, with an increase of 20% since its IPO in January 2016.

It is expected to see a boost in revenue and profits in 2017 after Netflix’s acquisition of Beats Music.

However, analysts have warned that Netflix may need to cut costs in order to grow.

Netflix has seen strong growth in the past several years, and it has been profitable.

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