New ‘Facebook’ site adds Facebook login for new users

New Facebook login page will be available for new Facebook users who use the social networking platform.

The Facebook website login is being introduced to the new social security HR portal.

The new login page is currently only available to those who have Facebook account and have opted in to Facebook to receive their social security number.

Social Security Secretary Yuriy Minenko has also been asked to explain why Facebook is adding a login option for the HR portal users.

Minenko has previously said that he will soon send a letter to Facebook asking them to stop adding the login option.

Social security department has been preparing a letter with Facebook regarding the social security portal users who do not have Facebook accounts, the ministry said.

The ministry said it will soon issue a circular to all companies on the social media platform, asking them not to add the login.

The new Facebook login option will allow people to receive a social security identification number for their family members and friends.

It will be made available to HR recipients only, the social safety ministry said in a statement.

The Social Security Department will also send a circular asking Facebook to stop removing the login from its new HR portal website.

Minutes after the announcement of the new login option, Facebook announced that it has added a new option to the Facebook portal to receive social security numbers.

This option is currently not available for HR recipients.

The company has also launched a new website to make it easier for HR departments to share information with their employees.