Which Twitter users would be more likely to buy a Tesla?

The most popular social media account on Twitter in Canada is the one that sells electric cars.

It has over 531,000 followers and boasts over 3,000,000 tweets about the car.

It also posts about its Tesla electric sedan, the Model S, on its website.

Tesla, a privately held company with more than 500,000 employees, is known for its production of high-end electric vehicles, such as the Model X crossover and Model 3 sedan.

The company sells the cars in Canada through its online store, Tesla Cars.

“The model of Tesla is a unique model in the world, but we’ve seen that our models of high quality have been exported and become a part of the market here,” said Paul Gaudreau, the president and CEO of Tesla Canada.

The most retweeted post on the company’s website in 2017 was a tweet about the launch of its new electric car, the S8.

“Our cars are the best in the business and we are very proud to have a loyal fan base of Model S owners, and we’ll continue to grow that,” he said in the tweet.

The Model S is a Tesla Model S model and has been out of production since the late 1990s.

The car is the companys second-best selling car in Canada.

Its sales are the second-highest in the country after the Model 3.

In 2017, Tesla sold more than 2,000 cars in the province, which is roughly a third of the province’s total auto sales.

The automaker said that its cars are designed with Canadian safety standards and have received the highest level of Canadian safety certification from Transport Canada.

Tesla sells cars in Ontario and Quebec, and in British Columbia.

Gauds said the company plans to add more products in the future.

“We have to look at the market for the next five years.

We can’t go into the next 10 years and say we have more than 5,000 [cars] in Canada, because we don’t.

But it is something we are looking at,” he told The Globe and Mail.