Social security portal will be used to spread fake news

Social Security Secretary Alex Azar said he was confident the portal would be used by people who would spread fake information.

Azar made the comments during a panel discussion at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

He said the portal, which has already attracted nearly $1 billion in funding, is the “next big thing” in digital security.

“The new social security portal, Social Security Solutions, is now under way,” he said.

“The portal will enable people to report fraud and make social security claims.

We will make it so that people can report fraud on a social security claim.”

Azan also said the new portal will not allow people to make social policy claims, which will be handled by the Social Security Administration, but will instead be handled through a process called Social Policy.

The panel also discussed how social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and the “alt-right,” which promotes white nationalism, will impact the future of digital security and what steps to take to prevent this.

The company will create an app that will allow people who are not authorized to make Social Security claims to submit claims.

The Social Security Agency will create a new app to allow Social Security claimants to report suspected fraud.

Social Security, like Medicare and Social Security, will have a centralized point of contact that will track all Social Security benefits and claims.

Social Security is a government program that helps Americans save money and provide them with retirement security.