A government report shows the country’s social security system has failed to provide basic benefits

A government-commissioned report has shown the Philippines is among the worst performing economies in the world when it comes to social security, according to the Social Security Alliance, a non-profit group that works to promote social safety nets.

The Social Security Authority of the Philippines (SSAP) issued a report on social security systems and its impact on poverty in the country last month, saying the government has failed at providing basic benefits to all Filipinos, even in the poorest neighborhoods.

The report said the Social Service Administration (SSSA) and the government of President Rodrigo Duterte failed to meet the needs of the population, including those who have disabilities.

The SSSA has been criticized for the slow pace of implementation of its social safety net, and for failing to provide adequate financial support for people with disabilities.

“We do not know the number of people with disability, or how many are not receiving any income support from the SSSA,” the SSAP said.

The study said that while the SSPA has a strong record of providing basic social security to the elderly and poor, it has not kept pace with the increase in the age and income of the poor.

The average monthly earnings for the poor were $1,085 in 2015, up from $1.075 in 2012, the report said.

The SSAP attributed the increase to the increase of the elderly population.

It also said the poor and the elderly have more access to the social safety-net program and are not in a position to claim it.

The government has been working to overhaul the social security and welfare system since Duterte assumed office in June.

The government launched a new social security program, the “Social Security Guarantee Program,” or the “SGS,” in July, and it is expected to complete the program by the end of next year.

The SGS is a federal program, and beneficiaries have to work for the government, with a fixed monthly payment and no benefit for unused income.

The program is expected at a cost of at least P100 billion.

The country’s poor have been the most affected by the government’s social safety overhaul.

According to the SSSP, there were over 4 million Filipinos with disability in 2015.

More than 9 million of them were in rural areas, and 1.3 million in cities.

About 5.3 percent of the country were considered poor, with an additional 1.6 percent in urban areas.

In total, about 7.5 million Filipinas have some kind of disability, the SSS said.

In the Philippines, the government estimated that over 14.8 million Filipina are on disability.

Social security is also under attack by the Duterte administration.

The President is considering privatizing the social insurance system, which he has threatened to do if the public doesn’t like it.

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