You can’t have both social work and a job

The subreddit /r of /r /all is known for being a place for sharing advice and ideas, but the social work community has also been known to be a bit of a haven for trolling.

A recent post by /u/Truffle_The_Stitch on the subreddit asked for help with the task of finding a social worker for her child.

“My son needs a social work job, but his current one is leaving the country.

How can I find someone who can help him find one?” she wrote.

“I’ve found a thread for people who’ve had the same experience.

Please let me know if this helps anyone.”

When someone replied that they didn’t have a job, she replied: “No.

I don’t have one.

So, you need to find a job for your child.”

The thread was shared over 2,000 times before the thread was deleted.

The thread continued to get shared on Reddit and elsewhere until the post was deleted by moderators.

After a second thread was posted on the same topic, it was removed by moderators too.

The Reddit moderators who took down the thread, however, continued to post about it.

The subreddit has since been re-created, and a new thread has been added to it.

“We have removed this post and are in the process of adding a second post.

Please don’t take this thread down or be offended by its content,” the new thread reads.

“This is a personal post about finding a job and finding a way to get a job that supports your child’s needs.

It is not meant to be malicious, and it is not intended to be harmful to others.”

“This thread is now closed.”

A new thread on the site has been posted, but has been deleted.

/r/_theresnoob says its “been deleted” after posting the same thread on Reddit multiple times.

/u/_theisnownow says it has been removed and that it will “re-create the thread.”

However, a screenshot of the original post is still visible, showing a screenshot showing a thread with multiple users who all seem to agree that they don’t need a social care worker.

A new post by someone claiming to be from the group has also now been posted.

/a/ posts posts advice and tips to help others find a social job, and users are encouraged to use the subreddit for that purpose.

Users are encouraged not to post negative comments in the thread.

A post on /r/”theres no job” on Reddit says: “I know many of you have been frustrated by the lack of job opportunities that seem to be available to social workers in your community.

We are here to help.”

The new thread shows a new user asking for advice on finding a career in social work.

A previous post on the thread shows that a user has also tried to find work in social care.

The user also asked: “Where do I begin?

There is no answer.”

The subreddit also has a section for people looking for advice, which is shared with the rest of the subreddit.

This new post shows a poster who claims to be in the area of social work, and who is attempting to find jobs in that field.

The poster also states: “There are many people who are looking for a job in this field.

I am a social nurse in this area, and I have tried to apply for positions in social workers.

But there are so many jobs available that I am not sure if I am good enough.”

Another poster, however says that she is currently in a position of social worker, and that she hopes to find more work in the field.

/b/ posts advice to help other people find jobs, and is shared by many of the users in /r/.

/b asks the community to look at “what is the right way to start your social work career?”

This is a common question for the community, and the poster who is asking for help asks: “Which option would you choose?

Do you want to be an RN, a social service worker, or something else?

If you do want to start in social service, would you consider taking a job with the National Centre for Social and Preventative Services?”

Many of the responses are supportive, but others are not.

“The best option for you is to be on a paid position in a hospital or a social services agency,” one poster says.

“It is a much easier way to gain experience, and your experience would be greatly appreciated.”

“I think it would be best for you to be starting out in a job where you are paid a wage for doing what you are trained to do, rather than working at home and then having to get up early for work,” another poster says, while another says: “[Your work] would be a lot more rewarding, and you would be able to get paid a decent wage for it.”

“If you are just looking to find something you can make a living from, then the job

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