Twitter users share what they’d like to see from a new social work platform

A new social media portal that’s intended to bring more transparency and accountability to social work is coming to Twitter.

It’s called Wikia and it’s the brainchild of one of the creators of the site that popularized the word “social” in the digital age.

The new platform aims to create an online platform for “real life social work,” a type of work where patients and family members share information and connect with a community.

The goal is to provide an “all-inclusive platform for social work professionals to share experiences and connect,” according to a press release from the project’s developers.

The team behind the new platform, called Wikias, said in a statement that it plans to open up “a wide range of social work tools to the community” within the next few months.

That includes a collaborative search, a “community forum” that lets users post and interact with one another, and a “social work toolbox” that includes a “real time community reporting system.”

One of the first things that Wikias aims to bring to the table is a “bounty system.”

The team is looking for $2 million to “develop a unique community bounty platform.”

It also wants to give the community “a clear and consistent path to reporting issues” and “ensure that they can be resolved quickly, transparently, and responsibly,” the release says.

The idea is that a “team of experienced Wikia staff will be working with a team of Wikia volunteers to deliver a collaborative, automated, and transparent solution to community issues.”

That’s not the only way Wikia plans to tackle the problems plaguing social work, though.

In fact, Wikia has already introduced a “reporter,” a sort of “person of interest” that will allow the community to anonymously report any problems with a therapist or a patient.

It will also offer a “crowd-sourced report” of complaints from patients and staff, as well as a “report for the community.”

The project’s creators hope that the crowdsourced report will be “a resource that will help improve patient outcomes and the quality of care, while also offering a transparent, collaborative and accountable reporting platform.”

As a follow-up to their first public announcement, Wikias team has also recently started working on a “fraud detection system” that it hopes to open to the public in the next month or two.

The system will be able to detect fraudulent reports and reports of “malicious activity,” as well.

The company says it has no plans to expand its product, but that it “will soon.”

The new project comes on the heels of another initiative to make the world a better place that also targets social work.

The online encyclopedia that was started by the creators behind Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation, is working on an app that will make it easier to find out how well your local school is doing.

The project is called “Schools and Academies,” and it hopes “to provide students and their parents a way to connect, track and share data to provide more information about their schools.”

The app will also provide “an online toolkit to help students understand and use the data collected,” the project said in the press release.