Facebook wants to get your data to advertisers

The social networking giant wants to sell its data to a few of the world’s largest internet advertising firms, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook’s business is largely made up of data about people and their social networks.

However, the company is also known for the data it gathers about people’s behaviour, like how they talk to each other, browse the internet, watch videos, respond to messages and even decide whether to download new software updates.

Facebook said it was “currently exploring potential opportunities for advertisers” that would allow it to use data on its platform to create “advertising experiences”.

It added that it was working with a number of companies to “better understand how they can leverage the data we share on Facebook”.

A number of these companies are already using Facebook data to create targeted advertising campaigns, and Facebook has also said that it would not be able to remove data from its platform unless “companies provide assurances they are complying with privacy rules”.

However, Facebook has been criticized by some privacy campaigners for its failure to take a stand on data sharing between its services.

The report says that some of these firms, including Facebook, have not made clear that they would be required to provide the same level of privacy protections to people using their services.

“This raises concerns about Facebook’s compliance with privacy obligations,” the report said.

“It is clear that Facebook does not have a clear policy on how it would respond to requests for data on the users it collects.”

Facebook declined to comment on the WSJ report.