Why are social networks like Twitter and Facebook paying so little for their data?

By now, most of you have seen a number of articles about the recent rise in data usage by social networks.

The issue was recently addressed by the US Department of Homeland Security in a report which stated that social networks are using “massive amounts of user data” to serve ads.

But in an attempt to protect consumers, many major social networks have agreed to pay to keep their data private, or at least, to keep it encrypted.

Some are even paying for data to be encrypted, which would reduce the chances of hackers accessing their data.

In a new report from The Next Google, we look at how companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are using the data of their users to provide ads and to target advertising to people with specific interests.

We also take a look at the privacy implications of this, and discuss the benefits of using encrypted data.

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Read the full article: https://thenextgoogle.com/next/2017/01/20/what-companies-are-using-user-data-to-serve-ads-and-target-advertising/