Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will have social trading sites in 2019

Facebook will launch its own social trading portal on Monday, the company announced, as part of an effort to compete with other platforms.

The portal will allow users to buy and sell shares in Facebook’s main stock and other social media platforms.

The company plans to roll out other platforms on an ad hoc basis, starting with Instagram, which it says will become its largest platform.

Facebook’s Facebook News Feed app has long been the default social media app for its users, but the company is rolling out an online version of its News Feed that will allow people to share content directly on Facebook.

The Facebook News feed app has also been rolled out for Android and Windows.

The announcement comes just a week after Facebook said it will launch an “instant video app” that it calls the Video News Feed in 2019.

It also plans to create an online video sharing platform that will enable users to share videos in a public format that can be watched by others on the same network.

In its announcement, Facebook said that its new Facebook News feeds will be “fiercely focused on the most powerful and relevant content, from breaking news to the most compelling and engaging conversations of our time.”

Facebook will add social trading features to its main News Feed, which will let users purchase shares in shares in the company’s stock and create and sell mutual funds on its platforms.

Facebook also plans a “digital portfolio” feature that will let people sell shares directly on the Facebook stock exchange.

The company also plans an online investment portal that will provide users with information about financial products and services, including stock options and dividend payments.

Facebook also plans additional tools to help its users make and sell investments, including the ability to “like” posts and “follow” posts on the company website.

The announcement said that Facebook plans to introduce “smart ads” that will offer more targeted ads tailored to the type of content users like.

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