‘No place for Trump’ for the ‘worst of the worst’: Mexico’s president as he seeks to restore order

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon on Friday defended his government’s crackdown on drug trafficking, arguing that the United States and other Western countries were not willing to cooperate with the country because of Trump’s policies.

“I’m not an isolationist,” Calderon said in an interview with a local television station.

“There is no place for the worst of the worse.

That is what I am.

We have a problem.”

A Trump administration that has vowed to crack down on cartels, drugs and corruption has so far failed to address the problems of drug trafficking and corruption that led to a record-high murder rate in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero last year, which is home to one of the largest populations of Central American migrants.

The US is the country’s biggest trading partner, but it has said it would not do more to curb drug trafficking.

Calderon has blamed the United Nations and human rights groups for the violence.

Last month, Calderon’s government announced plans to expand the countrys anti-drugs unit, which had been understaffed since it was created in 2013.

The government said it was the first time it had implemented such a move since the early 1990s.

Last week, Calderones government announced that it would set up a special police unit with the power to seize drugs and seize suspected drug traffickers.

The government also launched a special force to arrest people suspected of being involved in drug trafficking after the disappearance of a teenage boy in May and the discovery of hundreds of bodies at a funeral home in Mexico City in November.

In the interview, Calderón stressed that he was not the one who was creating the problem, and he said he did not want to see his country become a “failed state.”

“If you want to create a country with bad people, that is your country,” he said.

“You are not the problem.

You are the problem.”