Canada to boost social media spending by $1.1B in 2019

In 2019, the federal government will increase the amount of social media that Canadians can use to access and share news, information and social content.

The Social Media Fund will boost social sharing to $5 billion in 2019, up from $3 billion this year.

The federal government said Monday that it would allocate $1 billion for social media over the next two years to support digital media, social media tools, and online communities.

The $1-billion fund will support social media for Canadians who use social media, which is used to share news and information, post news, comment on news, share links, and more.

It also will fund digital platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help Canadian communities engage with one another.

The social media fund will be used to support programs and projects that support digital and social media communities, such a programs and initiatives to build digital communities, and digital media services, such the Digital Canada Fund and Digital Canadian Content.

“We know that social media is critical to the development and growth of our communities,” said Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

“This funding will allow us to strengthen our communities, while creating jobs and economic opportunity for Canadians.

The social media funds will support programs that support the digital media infrastructure in communities across Canada and the world.”

The fund also will support new ways to share content, including using new tools such as mobile devices, video and other digital media platforms.

The government will also be investing $100 million in the Social Media Strategy, an initiative to ensure Canadians are using social media in ways that are relevant to them, such in terms of what they see, hear, hear and share.

The Strategy will be launched in 2019 and will include a suite of tools, including a mobile app, a website, and other apps, to better support social engagement, increase digital engagement, and support Canadian news organizations.