‘I don’t know why I am here’: Turkish woman faces life imprisonment after posting a video on Facebook

An Istanbul woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment for posting a YouTube video of herself being raped and having her breasts cut off by police officers, according to court records.

Amira Ali Kaya was convicted of “intimidation of the state and insulting the state by making videos and pictures that have caused harm to the state”.

Her trial in a Turkish court on Thursday was adjourned for two days after prosecutors decided to present a statement from Kaya on the court’s second day, the Hurriyet daily reported.

Kaya’s defence lawyer, Huseyin Yildiz, said his client was “sick of the situation” and had posted the video on social media to show her dissatisfaction with the system.

“I donĀ“t know why [Kaya] is here.

I have no knowledge about what happened,” Yildiriz told reporters.

Kiyva Huseyn, another lawyer for Kaya, said her client was also in court, but the court did not allow her to see her client.

“We are in the court now, but we are unable to see our client,” she told reporters in Istanbul.

“She has been subjected to a systematic assault.

It has been a long, long trial.”‘

No reason’ to take her case to courtAn Istanbul court on Wednesday sentenced Kaya to eight years in prison, with a three-year suspended sentence and a fine of $1,300.

Her lawyer, Yildis, told reporters her client had made “no justification” for posting the video.

The video, which was taken in January, showed Kaya and a colleague wearing a headscarf and with no head covering, while a female police officer repeatedly hit her face with a metal pole while she was kneeling on the ground, the BBC reported.

Police officers could be seen standing on the other side of the fence and on the fence line in front of the apartment building, while the other two men could be heard laughing.

In a separate incident, the court found Kaya guilty of “inciting hatred towards the state” and “insulting the state”, according to the Hurrieri news agency.

The court ordered Kaya’s detention for two years and ordered her to pay a fine.

“No reason”Kaya has denied the allegations, saying she was only joking and that she was simply taking a break from filming, the daily said.

Kya had posted on social networks a video showing a police officer cutting off her nipples.

She had posted a video of a similar incident in July, when she was arrested and taken to police headquarters after she filmed herself having her breast cut off.

Kiya has previously been convicted of making “false statements” about herself.

The incident sparked widespread condemnation on social platforms, and prompted Istanbul’s mayor to call for a crackdown on the internet.

“If you make such statements, you will be punished,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters at the time.