Ottawa to unveil new social services portal after $15.5-billion deficit

Ottawa, ON – The Ottawa-Gatineau government will unveil a new social media portal and website this week, the province announced Tuesday.

The new site, called Social 28, will allow Canadians to track their social security benefits, child support payments, unemployment benefits, medical insurance, housing and more.

The federal government announced in March it would reduce the federal government’s contribution to social services.

Ottawa had already committed $5.5 billion to social programs over the next two years.

In addition to social media, Ottawa is also cutting its share of the province’s $30-billion budget for social services from $1.9 billion to $9.5 million.

In its budget announcement, the government said it would cut programs that provide benefits to seniors, disabled, Indigenous and people with disabilities.

The province said the new portal will offer more information about the benefits available and the ways to claim them.