When ‘social networking’ is all social media, what is the next big thing?

Zoho Social is one of the latest big names to try out social media in India.

The Singapore-based company says that social networking is a must-have for Indian businesses.

It’s already the most popular social network for Indian entrepreneurs.

It recently announced that it will be launching its own version of the popular app in India later this year.

The Zoho platform is built on Zoho’s popular messaging app, Zoho, which is a cross-platform messaging app for both iOS and Android, which connects people, businesses and businesses-in-the-know through its “Zoho Mobile” platform.

The company says its social networking app will be available for Indian consumers in the next couple of weeks.

It will be offered on two platforms: Zoho Mobile for mobile and Zoho App for desktop.

Zoho says its new app will enable Indians to connect directly with their business partners and other members of their community.

In India, there are over 3.5 million registered companies and their businesses.

“Zoho will offer the most authentic, personalized, and powerful social networking experience on the market,” said Zoho CEO and co-founder S.P. Gupta.

“By making Zoho the most trusted and trusted platform for social networking in India, Zohos aim is to build an unparalleled social platform for our customers.”

The Zohozo Social platform will be similar to Zoho in India and the company will be looking to increase the number of social networking users.

In fact, Zogo is aiming to make it the most powerful social network in India for a number of reasons, Gupta said.

The biggest difference is that Zoho will focus on connecting people with businesses, Gupta added.

The platform will offer a range of services for people like marketing, product, and sales.

Zohozos social platform is currently available in India only for mobile users.

The company said it will expand its service to all mobile platforms.

Zoohozoa is looking to scale up its social network across India.

The social network, which started in Singapore in 2011, is currently on a trial basis in several Indian cities.

It has now expanded to all 50 states of India, Gupta says.

Zobo was founded in 2009 and is now one of India’s biggest tech start-ups.

It counts Apple and Google among its biggest customers.

It also has a partnership with Flipkart, one of Indian’s largest e-commerce firms.

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