How to use a social media platform like Facebook to find the best games

If you’ve been following the social gaming trend, you know that Facebook has been slowly rolling out its own tools for finding the best social games.

The service was originally designed to give users the ability to search for games, and then recommend them based on their preferences.

The app is still under development, and it currently only lets you search for the top 10 games for one specific genre.

However, the company has been rolling out additional features like trending and trending news, allowing users to see what’s going on in their community.

This past week, Facebook announced that the service is rolling out more features, and is now offering some of these features to users as well.

With the release of this new feature, you can now search for “Best Arcade Games,” “Best Social Games,” and “Best Mobile Games.”

All of these new search options let you get a more comprehensive look at what’s trending, what’s hot, and what people are playing.

Facebook has also added a section to the search results that allows you to add games you’ve played to your favorites, which is nice if you’ve never been a fan of a game before.

Here’s what you need to know about the new features: Searching for the best Arcade Games